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As a Promotional Products business we're able to provide our customers with a large range of different products. Below are just some of the examples of different products we offer and the different application methods we use to transform the products from ordinary to extraordinary. We take pride in delivering our customers a product they are pleased with. We will never sell something we wouldn't wear/use ourselves!

Different Products We Offer

Clothing Rack
Personal Stuff


T-Shirts, Hats, Sweaters, Toques, Socks, Jerseys, etc.

Stationary Items

Pens, Mugs, Notepads, Pencils, etc.

Miscellaneous Goods

Awards, Banners, Water Bottles, Coasters, etc.

Application Methods

MH1on1 Logos on Press.jpg
Screen Printing Squeegee
Multicolored Spools of Thread
Laser Cutting

Vinyl/Digital Heat Transfers

With our Roland Digital Printer and Vinyl cutter we can heat transfer all sorts of logos to different garments.

Screen Printing

Quality work done through a screen printing process, your logo/design comes out crisp and clean.


Stitched in logos create everlasting impressions on those who see it.

Laser Etching

Typically reserved for glass wear, laser etching fills in the fine details.

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